Friday, April 11, 2008

Fearless Reporters, James Bond, and Tail-Gunner Joe

No need for lengthy deconstruction here. I just want to make three quick points about three films.

All The President's Men

Ah, the seventies. I have a soft spot for American cinema from that period. And this film is about as good as it gets. Despite a complete absence of gun fights, car crashes and slaughtered innocents, the suspense is total. The closest thing to this lately is Fincher's Zodiac which might just be the ultimate seventies film ever made, ha ha.

All The President's Men perhaps did more to establish the myth of the press as tenacious truth-seekers than any other film. And three cheers for the concept. But can anyone imagine the process we see in this flick taking place today? Ha ha ha ha. Fat chance. He we are in amongst crimes and misdemeanours that make whatever CREEP was up to look like a Country Women's Association lamington drive (there's an Australian reference for you). The media of today would no more uncover these crimes than they would cut their own heads off. Because that's what they'd have to do, so complicit are they. The publisher of the Washington Post, heroized in this film, was a founding member of WHIG, the White-House Iraq Group. This war is their war.

Thus we're forced to look back at the good old days when the media was honest and true. Or were they? A handful of years before Watergate, Israel had attempted to sink the USS Liberty with all hands. The purpose of the effort was for the US to nuke Cairo. The Israelis were forced to come up with excuses that were such complete bullshit that an investigation only a fraction the size of this movie's would have seen angry crowds throwing molotov cocktails at the Israeli embassy. But it never happened. The media was as perfectly corrupt then as it is now. And so the question is - Whom did it suit to have Nixon deposed? Had he, like JFK, decided to go against the wishes of the Fed? Who knows? But rest assured that Nixon's media assassination only happened because it was sanctioned from above.

Tomorrow Never Dies

Does anyone remember the plot of this flick? I'd forgotten it too. But there it was on the telly and before I could change the channel, my jaw had hit the floor.

Did somebody say USS Liberty just now? Believe it or not, this plot pivots precisely on the Liberty story. The opening scene involves nothing less than the false-flag sinking of a British Destroyer with the loss of all hands. Of course the Israelis of the Liberty affair are re-imagined here as masterful blonde ubermenschen rather than as hapless keystone cops who failed at sinking the most lightly armed ship in the US Navy. Even the Israeli's abysmal machine-gunning of the Liberty's lifeboats is here reproduced as a successful coup de grace slaughter of all survivors.

And thank God for that! No need for a corrupt President and Secretary of Defence to step in and shut down a counter-attack. No need for a senior admiral (and father of a later presidential candidate) to threaten the survivor/witnesses with death. No need for the US Navy to subvert two hundred years of tradition and fail to hold a Congressional inquiry. 'Rogue elements' aside, government in cinema is corruption-free.

And the villain? It's Rupert Murdoch! Here imagined as a non-Jewish Englishman by name of Carver. Mind you, the crypto part of Murdoch's crypto-Jewish nature is nearly airtight, so no biggie. Apparently 'Carver' has undertaken this false-flag in order to, a) sell more newspapers and, b) gain satellite rights to China. Ha ha ha ha. The cart goes before the horse. Fuckers like Murdoch don't start wars to gain media control. They use their media control to start wars. And God forbid we should ask for whom.

Speaking of which, does anyone remember Spectre, the villainous super-organisation of the earlier Bond films? They were a supra-national criminal collective with seemingly limitless resources hell-bent on the subversion of nation-states. Who could they possibly have been, apart from international banking? Seriously. Perhaps even this depiction was too close to the bone. Best we disappear them utterly and replace them with an unlikely arse-about, nonsensical media villain. Pay no attention to the organ grinder! Look at the funny monkey!

Good Night And Good Luck

What's to be done about the abjectly partisan Jewish media? There's nothing intrinsically wrong with the concept of a media per se. The potential of the media to be a force for good and to enlighten the populace is inarguable. The problem with the media is that it (provided it's under complete control) gives those who control it a god-like ability to misrepresent reality. Mass-murderers become plucky under-dogs. Their innocent victims are villainous non-humans who deserve whatever they get. And we send bazillions of dollars to the self-same murderous sons-of-bitches. Hell, my PM just congratulated them on sixty years of 'success'. Sure enough, the power of the media is such that none may stand against it.

What's to be done? How might one decapitate this evil apparatus? Is that even possible? Way back when, wikipedia used to have at the bottom of each page - in amongst such categories as '1957 births', 'Irish Americans', and 'left-handed people' - another similar category of 'Jewish directors'. This list was a complete mindfuck. No wonder it's gone now. On reading the list one had to ask if there was anyone in Hollywood who wasn't Jewish. And as I've said before, the news is no different. So impossibly frequent are Jewish commentators telling me how to view the topic-du-jour (usually Muslims) that it's perfectly unsurprising to find a Jewish reporter interviewing the Jewish subject of the story, with comments from various experts, all Jewish. Wow.

Does anyone imagine a purge of Jewish control of the Hollywood/ media combine would ever succeed if titled as such? Not in a million years. Sure enough, if one had the cojones to attempt such a thing, subterfuge would be the weapon of first resort. What if, in the hysterical climate of the fifties, one was to dress such a campaign in a mantle of 'anti-communism'? Communism in America, just like communism in Russia, was pretty much a Jewish affair. An anti-communist campaign in Hollywood would almost precisely target Jews. If you wanted to do something about Jewish domination, it'd be that or nothing.

With this in mind, how are we to view Tail-Gunner Joe? If I was to posit him as being less about communist control of Hollywood than about Jewish control, would the argument fall at the first hurdle? If it held up, might we wonder at the horns that have been painted on him by the Hollywood/media combine over the decades? It's a thought, sure. But such thoughts may not be countenanced. There is only one way to think. And the 'subversive' Good Night And Good Luck fits the bill nicely, thanks very much.


kikz said...

wallllllllllyaknow.. nixon sweat bullets over 'em.......and was silly enuff to get recorded uttering the actual name of "they who must not be named". gasp!?!

had to be dealt w/.
nothing/no one escapes the wrath of "they who must not be named"....>:)
not even tricky dick.

damn a sight! i'd forgotten the bond movie.. been too long since i've seen it. funny how the whorewood jooshmafia plant those memz.. eh? bait/switch ;)

headscrath.... i need to go review who made g'nite/g'luck... hmmmmmmmm.

whorewoodjooshmafia and friends have gone overt.. in the past few yrs.... usta be... you'd see the yrly ten commandments @easter.. then maybe a shoacost! production once a yr.. plus the requisite teengoyslashervictim flicks.........then wham!

pardon my venting.......but
every freakin time i turn'd round... all fronts.. even the public schools.............IN 'YER FACE.

lamentations, rending of clothing, wailing, the counting/display of ownerless shoes/eyeglasses in taxpayer...yes TAXPAYER funded museums popping up all over goy'merika......nazi atrocity month on pbs, extended to ad nauseum broadcasts.... any expert commentary in MSM inre; the law, medicine, science, politics, childrearing (oprah/rabbi schmuley?) all presented for goy enlightenment by "those who must not be named". to borrow a term.....I shite ya not, mate...

it's their country now.. we goy just live in it.................

my kids get sent home from public school w/dradel's and coloring handouts of the star of david flags & menorah.... zio pencils/erasers, choclate shekles sent home in little zioblue goodie bags wishing me/mine happy hanukkah.........choir/class performances always including at least 2 out of 3 heeb songs, which are never ever translated into goy, not even online can you find translations........believe me i've looked.......shoacost book reading assignments of "historical novels" such as "the devils' arithmetic".....w/a time traveling character, who's friends have names like schmuel... rivka... yitzchak......

one would think in our very globally multicultural community, the only "others" were joosh... what? no one else on earth has holy daZe around the winter solstice? bullshit. hindu? shinto? zoroastrian? mezo/native-amer? sikh? druid? pagans all hav an older reason for the season....>:/

why aren't we allowd representation of our religions and cultures' histories in the public schools?

not that i would ever presume to get in anyone's face w/my personal religion or lack of it....

hellzbellz, even the xtians are gettin screwed.. they can't even call it xmas break anymore.. it's winter break.. spring break.. eyeroll........

it should be all or none... and i have mentioned "all or none" in a diplomatic way to the board/principals........ raised eyebrows and stammerings of positive inclusive multiculturalism.... was their only reponse.....

peepz want religion, get thee to the private parochial sector....

so, now here in texASS they've gotten gov. goodhair to chg the law, so inyerfacer's of every stipe be they joosh or fundixtian can legally get inyer kids' face at school.....

dere'z no bizness like shoabizness.........
hate to equate, but it's turned into an all out assault.... i'm tired of it.

i'm all for learning about other cultures.... peoples.. but this roadblock of exclusivity is more than grating, it's wrong.

can you imagine the uproar the schoolboard would hear if a poor minority joosh child got sent home w/a xtian cross/easter lilly, xmas tree, or a koran coloring sheet? or was forced to learn/perform a religious song in a language they didn't speak or understand?
we'd never hear the end of it.

MSM media coverage/interviews of boycotts........lawsuits would ensue, the ADL would intervene, huge punitive fines would be assessed.... OYvey!

this goy's fed up. bleh :P

nobody said...

Holy shit!

They do that at your kid's school? Unbelievable.

I was a military brat so I went to a new school every year until the last couple of years of high school. That being a Roman Catholic effort. Sure enough I was taught what to think, but I have to go hats off to the priests there, because they also taught me how to think. In fact, they gave me the key to the lock to becoming an ex-catholic, ha ha. If it hadn't been for them I'd never have become the penniless long-haired bum I am today! And no wonder catholicism is on the decline. Teaching people to think independantly - honestly! What were they thinking of?! There's no future for organised religion in doing that.

Otherwise, as for your bit on tricky dick, you made me think of voldemort! Urgh! Surely Harry Potter's not a metaphor?

And you remind me of one of my favourite comedians here, Sean Micallef, who did a piss-take on SBS which is kind of an ethnic PBS. It was my favourite channel but it's been taken over now and every week seems to be Nazi Week. After numerous jabs at this, featuring ads for faux documentaries about Nazis and their pets, Hairdressers of the Nazis and Nazi needlework, he capped it off with Nazi Month celebrating of a year of Nazi weeks. I wonder if the PTB smashed their glass of milk like Adam Suttler watching that comedy show in V for Vendetta? Me, I laughed my head off.

kikz said...

the goodybags come home from the class parties.. room mom's...don'tcha know...

so anyway...

Surely Harry Potter's not a metaphor?

>:) you think not?



seems JK studied her rosicrucian alchemy :)

the whole deal is "the great work".
metaphoricalmetaphysical lead into gold :)

but i could still smite her 'round the ears for outing dumbledore.. not kewl.

kikz said...

OMG i forgot...

oz pbs.. errrr.. oz bbc...

we got some of the first season of supernova here before the end of the year.. it was great! i dunno if the local pbs will pick it up again.. it was hilarious!

big fan of the britcoms.. hav been since a child... and thank the pbs godz.... they carry a lot of em here.


nobody said...

Hey kikz,

What time is it there? It's midday here.

I checked that out and um, spooky! Mind you, I can kind of dig it. She sort of did what Tolkien did, which is to say immersed herself in a 'mythology' to create a world. Any mythology that has passed through a thousand generations will, by way of, I don't know, distillation?, erosion?, or otherwise having all its rough edges taken off, say something coherent about the human condition. Coherent meaning it hangs together and makes sense. And not that I'm a particularly big fan of Rowling (She's not a great writer and I also found the plot devices repetitive) but her world is certainly coherent.

But I'm floundering here. I'm the wrong fellow for this kind of conversation. I'm with Alexander. When presented with a Gordian Knot I just want to reach for my sword, ha ha.

kikz said...

at the tone... the time will be..

8:45A CDT... crapz.. my bookmarkz are so vast i can't find my converter... so we could figure zulu time.... ah well... to google then....

08:50:34 Saturday April 12, 2008 in US/Central converts to
23:50:34 Saturday April 12, 2008 in Australia/ACT

didn't know which portion of oz to attribute ya to.. so...
would appear.. at this typing..
it's some 14hrs difference....
already almost midnight on sat there for you... barely 9A sat morn for me :)

even if... ya go for the knot w/the sword...>:)

JK's a wonder.... ponder it..
she's captivated the world w/her stories... especially the kids..
which is key.

she's timewarped all the "good stuff" the enduring truths , the "greater lights" if you will......
frm the dim past of philosophy and all it's genius..
such as... virtue, hope, persistence,
being true to yourself, fighting the good fight, evolution of the soul.... timeless stuff, that in our wacked world has been trampled by vacuous temporalities.. all the crap that modern culture (including religion) has buried and silenced in almost all the minds of the developed world. she's reached the unreachable... done the unthinkable :)

not christ on a cracker mind you.. but.. well yeah....on second thought.... as a teacher, who teaches by analogy, parable and metaphor... although done w/in her lifetime through the "magic" of modern technology...

and given it anew, mainlined to the kiddies and adults alike.
they won't understand it as such.. but it is... none the less. :)

she subverted and rerouted around- not only national, cultural, religious, educational, and parental mind lock..... but also all the powers that be..... she reached the entire planet...... and got her message thru the MSM virtually w/o corruption. plus, pulled herself up out of abject poverty in the process!
granted it's not "sweet will".....but whatta fukin great accomplishment!

so... x papist huh? thaz right, they didn' know what they did... teaching dialectic, reason.
were you reared jez? i understand they excel at it... but.. thru what i'd attribute to arrogance, fostered the agent of their ultimate undoing....

when you become selfactualized, able to reason... the crap falls away, doesn't matter who covered ya in it... it all falls away :)

i'm from the other side... my kin...traced back to 'round the early 400's AD....rebel prot. freethinkers, scots/irish and huguenot freemasons,

w/decidedly prestbyterian "fuk u all very much" overtones :) i'll explain that one another time :)

well anyway, 10A here now, domesticities to attend.. sigh :)

i'm very exicited bout les V's book... and anneM seems to have recovered frm her vacation having returned this am to LV's comments :)

sweet dreams ;)


nobody said...

Yeah I'm with you,

My shortcomings with her writing (style/plot devices) would in no way stop me from recommending her to 8-9-10 year olds. For them she's utterly perfect. As a guy who used to read a book a day for a while there it was a tragedy to see my little brother read nothing at all. Until Rowling popped up. She pretty much rescued him from illiteracy. He now grooves on Chekhov and is studying law, if you can believe it.

Otherwise Les is going off at the moment. Tons of fun. Since I'm at a cafe, I save the pages to my desktop and read them at home. Then I tap out a thought and post the next day. Put that on top of our aforementioned time zone lag and you can see why I always turn up late. And have lots of PS's to address new things that have popped up in between times.

In fact I'm off there right now. And sure enough he's probably written a new piece with a whole new discussion with me missing the last one altogether, ha!

kikz said...

i'm a voracious reader too. fast also. years ago, when we had money i still bought books...hubs usta jokingly ask if i could return them? 600+pgs in 2 days was no biggie for me. we did manage to recoop some of costs.. when we found half-priced books... a chain that buys/resells... i went thru rice's vamp chronicles .. like.. sherman thru georgia :) med books...were a fav. now mostly it's stuff online.. and for the last 8 yrs or so i've been diving in decidedly deeper waters w/my beloved philosophy, and of course researching everthing i could find inre 911 and the fun but certainly enlightening.

i've always loved reading..i can never remb even as a child.. not being able to read....
i could/can become so absorbed... the house could catch fire round me. hell if'd notice..

that's wonderful that JK saved your baby bro frm illiteracy... i understand even the MSM admit to this unexpectedly widespread phenom. my girls all loved them.. but one of the twins has been struggling thru tolkein's trilogy since the 4th grade :) she'd seen the movies, and would not be dissuaded to wait til she was older to start them. would almost read nothing else for years... but now has expanded her horizons..
she's found a new author, of decidedly unvamp vamp novels... for younger readers.. melissa de la cruz, the almost bloodless first book... masquerade.... has challenging and colorful vocabulary, these jetsetting vamps expose the reader to all sorts of exotic locations, customs, and has interspersed french and italian phrases and names...

the girls love to read aloud to me, so i can help w/pronunciations.. and even w/them stumbing over some of the text.. i'm interested enuff to peruse the 300pg "masquerade" on my own... :)

les does seem more bouyant of late, i'm glad too. even just chronicling the carnage can be draining.

would be so fun to visit these good peepz in france. i don't know that i'll ever get there in bod... but in spirit i'm already there.... sigh... i've never been off the continent.... Canada & the Yucatan.. my only travel..
missed out out hubs old biz run while preggerz... london-brussels-paris... i'm still envious !
would love to see oz, and kiwicountry. angor wat, and giza.

i guess your being an army brat, you've been uprooted too many times, and been more places than most so far :) it would seem you'd hafta adapt pretty quickly or be totally miserable or go somewhat insane....

and yeah.... timelag sukz >:)

oh, p.s. for anyone who is trying to get their reading speed up and retention.. the "eyeQ" online materials are great... i saw them advertised on tv (i guess)... and hubs managed to ... er.. um.... expedite a copy :) he's used them, for speed... w/great results.
so anyway.. just a recommend for anybody ya might know....


nobody said...

Hey Kikz,

Yeah, my tendency has always been to find an author I like and devour everything they ever wrote. Early 20th century lit kept me busy for the best part of a decade, ha ha. And in between I'd read airport fodder too. Some, like Rice for instance, I'd get half a dozen books in and decide I'd had enough. I forget the book but I recall some vampire or other walking two blocks through New Orleans and taking fifty pages to do it. She lost me there. But otherwise she was good wasn't she?

Somehow I've gotten stuck on a Patrick O'Brian loop tape. I just read him over and over. He's really something. I do love fiction but somehow it appealed to me less and less. Too much rubbish and too many people being tricksy-clever. And sure, O'Brian aside, I ended up doing mostly non-fiction. And yep, it does your head in.

Otherwise I'll have to check Les' thing out. He really does write very well.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to find Tomorrow Never Dies this week.

BTW, the dirty little secret about Nixon's downfall: Carl Bernstein's parents, Al and Sylvia, were members of the Communist Party and Nixon had played a part in having Al blackballed from government work due to Al's affiliations with Communists.

So much for the dogged determination of the press. It was a childhood vendetta.